TECTOFIN Single Ply Membranes

The flat roof experience from WOLFIN Bautechnik and the positive characteristics of TECTOFIN has made it to one of the most successful products over recent years. Specially developed for the waterproofing of new build projects and large roofing areas.


TECTOFIN RV is a homogenous fleece-backed single ply roof and waterproofing membrane that has excellent stability and handling characteristics, especially for the use on a flat roof. TECTOFIN RV is produced through an extrusion process and has a patented composition. Our membrane is produced with high quality materials such as ASA (acrylic synthetic rubber) which…

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TECTOFIN RG for flat roofs is a homogenous, polyester reinforced single ply waterproofing membrane made from a special blend of high-quality PVC and ASA (acrylic synthetic rubber). Through its patented composition, TECTOFIN RG excels in its stability and ease of application. TECTOFIN RG is produced...

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