"A requirement for long life roof or construction waterproofing are
perfectly matched system accessories."

Saves time and costs

Finished detailing

WOLFIN - lightning protection elements

In order for professional and high quality detailing, WOLFIN Bautechnik offers finished details such as inner and outer cornering, lightning rods, etc. This reduces the effort needed whilst laying our membranes and reduces the time needed and sinking the costs.

The WOLFIN lightning rod as well as the universal holder are intended for the use on our membranes where there are small penetrations or on our metal composite sheets. These can be used on horizontal or angled roofs are comparable as ballast stoppers.


For flat and pitched roofs

WOLFIN metal composite sheets

The metal composite sheets are made with a 0,6 mm membrane and a at least 275g/m² galvanized metal. The backsides of the composite sheets are covered with a paint to reduce burn stains and are also branded.

In high visible areas, such as in kitchens, we recommend using our stainless steel metal composite sheets.


Here you can download the composite steel sheet of WOLFIN.

Wolfin metal composite sheets

For secure joints

WITEC assisting work tools

Cold welding with WITEC solvent welding agent

The WITEC work tools like the WITEC welding board, different WITEC pressure rollers or fast welding brushes lighten you work and insure a professional and long term seam.

The WITEC solvent welding agent and the liquid membranes have been developed and produced together with WOLFIN Bautechnik to offer you a secure and professional seam.




Waterproofing that works