"The WOLFIN drainage system offers multi-material
connections and superior drainage performance."

Hard and long life

Secure system

Attica emergency drainage with the Monsoon ballast stopper

Every flat roof waterproofing needs a certain amount of penetrations for the ventilation on drainage. It is very important to use high quality elements in order to assure the secure joints and functionality of the flat roof waterproofing. Only harmonized system components offer a life time functionality.


WOLFIN system accessories are made from stainless steel and guarantee that they will stay rightly formed and in function their life throughout. They can be used in all methods and combined with all insulations.

New and refurbished constructions

Homogeneous weldings

All of the WOLFIN stainless steel system accessories are made with our material and offer the possibility for homogeneous joints on the roof. The grey coloured accessories have a special compound making them usable for WOLFIN grey, TECTOFN grey and COSMOFIN. Not only are they designed for new constructions but we can assure you they are great when used for refurbishments and you are on the secure side with WOLFIN Bautechnik.

Stainless steel is compatible with all metals used in construction work, such as zinc, copper, etc.

Waterproofing that works