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Wolfin corporate brochure

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Welcome to Wolfin

For more than 50 years and after the installation of millions of square meters of synthetic roof and waterproofing membranes laid in various climate zones, WOLFN is the leading producer of synthetic flat roof and building waterproofing systems in Europe.

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WOLFIN Bautechnik is one of Europe's leading producers of flat roof and waterproofing systems and is supported by several competent partners.


Become An Approved WOLFIN Installer

A key part of the WOLFIN strategy in the UK is to align itself closely with quality trained and approved installation partners.  WOLFIN currently run training courses at their training centre based in Manchester and also offer training courses at contractor premises throughout the UK.

If you would like to find out how to become a WOLFIN Approved Installation Partner and add value to your business by becoming part of the WOLFIN brand then please contact the WOLFIN Technical Consultant Craig Bainbridge on +44 (0) 161 866 6552 or by emailing technical@wolfin.co.uk

Dramatically Reduce The Cost Of Roof Refurbishment

When flat roofs fail and moisture enters the roofing layers the first thought is to strip, dispose and then replace the roof.  Wolfin membranes have been proven to dry out existing failed roofs saving you and your client significant amounts of money, time and disruption.  Of all the thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing membranes available in the market, WOLFIN offers the highest water vapour diffusion permeability. Due to the unique formulation and the black colour of the WOLFIN membranes, the roof layers rapidly heat up under the influence of solar radiation.  This causes a high vapour pressure that gradually dries out the trapped moisture.  The effectiveness of this physical process has been confirmed by recent scientific test results provided by the Fraunhofer Institute, Holzkirchen/Germany.  There will be no need to strip and dispose of the existing roofing membrane, insulation or vapour control layer.  The roof can be simply overlaid with the Wolfin membrane.  As the roof dries out the thermal properties of the existing insulation are restored.  If required additional insulation can be added above the existing failed roof prior to the application of the Wolfin membrane.

Wolfin Insurance Backed Warranties

As the market leader in the manufacture of 3rd generation single ply membranes, we pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive guarantees available in the single ply sector. As a result, we have sought to improve and extend the types of guarantee we offer as further reassurance of our commitment in providing total confidence in our range of high performance waterproofing membranes.  Several different levels of guarantee coverage are now available, based upon the client’s requirements, product choice and level of cover required.

The guarantee options are as follows:
• Insurance Backed System Guarantee
• Insurance Backed Product & Workmanship Guarantee
• Insurance Backed Product Guarantee

Our market leading insurance backed system guarantee will give you and the client total peace of mind.  This warranty includes consequential loss and insolvency cover.  Wolfin as part of Icopal Limited is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) - formerly known as the FSA.  Consequently Wolfin is not bound by European legislation limiting waterproofing manufacturers from offering insurance backed guarantees for either contractor workmanship or insolvency.

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